Private tours

A crash course in Swedish history

Welcome to Sweden, the land of meatballs, Ikea and Schnapps songs!  It’s not easy to explain why the Swedish people behave the way we do, or what it is that makes us tick? I don't claim to have the answers to theese hard questions. But...this tour is probably going to straighten out a few of the question marks you might have and that my friends, is the sole purpose of this tour.

If you are in for a Crash Tour of Swedish history, this is the walking tour you must attend. You will for sure learn more in two hours on this tour than you ever did in school attending the history class.

Let’s make it easy and start with the Vikings and continue through the centuries to present time. we will cover more than 1 300 hundred years of history, religion, architecture, culture, innovations...

Join me on this tour and get the context out of our history. It’s all presented in an entertaining way so that you will remember it longer. Hopefully, you’ll get a lot of “aha” moments as we walk the streets of Stockholm.